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Scope of legal services Offer for individual customers

We offer legal assistance to individual clients in the fields of civil law, labor law, law of succession and family law, involving giving opinions on legal issues, the amicable resolution of disputes with the other party, as well as representation of clients before courts and public administration.


We provide services such as:

  • Handling cases for payment of compensation and redress on behalf of victims of accidents, of medical errors and other events.
  • Drafting and issuing opinions on private agreements, such as the sale, lease, donation et al., to the maximum extent possible to protect the interests of the customer,
  • Representing clients in consumer cases, including those relating to warranty claims and guarantees.
  • Recovery of debt.
  • Protecting the rights of the creditor or the debtor in enforcement proceedings.
  • Assist in debt restructuring, including arranging settlements with creditors and debt collection companies.
  • Solving problems of employment, including acting on behalf of workers in disputes with the employer.
  • A comprehensive resolution of the succession, involving the analysis of the rules of succession, including the rights and obligations of the heirs, drafting wills, obtaining a declaration of inheritance and succession, as well as the enforcement of claims for a legitim.
  • Representation in matters of family law, including those relating to divorce, division of marital property, custody and child support.